Large Scale Barn Design
Queenstown Barn Kit Building


A steel barn is a versatile steel building that has a variety of uses, including storage space, livestock shelter or garage cover. We invite you to come in and meet with our Chinchilla steel building experts and discuss your barn requirements. Our barns can be altered to suit your needs, and we can help out with either American barns or Aussie style barns.

American Style Barns

These barns feature the traditional raised centre bay with mirrored lean-tos. The gable pitch can be adjusted as can the height of the raised section, and you can even swap this roof to skillion for a really modern look. The bay and lean-to widths can be set to what you need to store, while the height and building length is also customisable.

Aussie Barns

This is a modern take on the barn shed, where there is no raised centre section of the middle bay. The lean-tos attach to the lower edges of the gable roof, creating a streamlined roof line.

We offer a number of optional extras such as roller doors (you can create clear drive through access with doors on both ends), ventilation, mezzanine floors, internal walls, skylight sheets and personal access doors. You can add motors to roller doors as well as upgrade to industrial doors for really large barn sheds.

Invest in a Sheds n Homes heritage or rural barn today and contact Sheds n Homes Chinchilla on 1800 764 764 or get in touch online.